About Us

Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Centre is set up in September 2012 and imported an advance Brain Quotient Report System and neurofeedback training device (Neuroharmony) from Korea offering educators, parents and students direct real-time, affordable and scientific measurement of brain waves pattern and Brain Quotient Analysis.

Science and Technology Background:
  • EEG (Electroencephalograph) and Neurofeedback technology are accepted internationally. There are many studies and reports that can be found on the internet regarding this advanced technology.
  • The equipment (Neuroharmony) and technology development were supported by the Korean government. After many studies, tests and verifications, Neuroharmony was widely accepted by educators and used as a training tool in a good number of Korean primary and secondary schools.
  • Neuroharmony was recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Educational and Professional Background:
  • Two of the founders of our center, Mr. Ricky Chan and his wife, Dr. Anson Chen are the only two certified International Brain-Based Trainers in China and Hong Kong. They have been invited by different departments of the Education Bureau, Hong Kong University, Chinese University, Hong Kong Baptist University, The Hong Kong Institute of Education and over 200 primary and secondary schools to provide trainings to over 10,000 educators and over 20,000 parents.
  • All staff of our centers have university degree in Biochemistry, Education, or Psychology.
  • Our headquarters team had attended “The First Brain Quotient Report Professional Counselor Training” conducted by Prof. Pyong Woon Park, Phd. D. (President of Korea Research Institute of Jengshin Science and inventor of Neuroharmony).
Development and Recognition:

Backed-up by our strong Korean professional team, BQNF have been able to promote brainwave scan and neurofeedback training in Hong Kong through School Partnership Projects since 2012. We continuously organize brainwave scans, consultations, neurofeedback trainings and provide recommendations to students, parents and teaching staff for free or at subsidized rates. Over HK$2 million has been subsidized by BQNF for the past two years. (Please refer to School Partnership Projects for details.)