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Neurofeedback Training

Direct Stimulation and Activation of Neuronal Growth and Development through Neurofeedback Technology and Computerized Games

Neurofeedback training combines the state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology developed by Korean government with the scientific research on optimizing development of neurons and neural network. Based on the data from a comprehensive Brain Quotient Report, our neurofeedback training program is an individualized, tailor-made training program that fits the individual needs of each participant. Brain function improvement is monitored throughout the course of training, and adjustment on the training program is made from time to time to attain optimal training effect. The ultimate goal of our neurofeedback training is to help participants improve their brain functions in terms of emotional and cognitive ability, and make positive changes to their academic and career achievement.

Neurofeedback training can help you improve in the following areas:
  • Poor attention and concentration
  • Difficulty in memorizing contents of learning
  • Difficulty in improving grade
  • Lack of communication
  • Motivation in learning
  • Temper tantrum
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity
Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Training on Different Age Groups
  • Age 1-7Brain development, synaptogenesis (capacity – genius)
  • Age 8-15 Enhance concentration, brain functions, learning ability
  • Age 16-20 Enhance conscious level, balance, asymmetry, brain integration
  • Age 21-60 Health, conscious level, meditation, performance, anti-aging
  • Age 60 & OnwardPrevent dementia, losing of memory, anti-aging, health

NeuroHarmonyM Headband (Past)


NeuroHarmonyS Headband (Current)

3-month training includes:
  • Tailor-made neurofeedback training program based on Brain Quotient Report analyzed by our professional team in Korea.
  • Training program is conducted and facilitated by professional trainers with university degree in Biochemistry, Education, or Psychology.
  • Three times a week 45-60 minutes training sessions (total 36 sessions)
  • Training performance and data of each session is recorded for analysis and progress review
  • Self-regulation assessment is conducted every two weeks, and adjustment on the training program may be made from time to time according to the progress of the participant

*Generally speaking, emotional, biological and behavioral changes could be noticed after 3 months’ training. Considerable changes and stability could be attained after 6-9 months’ training. Those with severe problems may need longer time to achieve desirable effect. *For those with severe emotional or behavioral problems in which professional counseling or special arrangement is needed for the training, a higher rate will be charged. For further inquiry, please contact us at Headquarter or Training Centers. (Should complete the Brain Quotient Report before arranging the training program.)

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