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Brain Quotient Report

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Brain Functions through State-Of-The-Art Brain Quotient Scan

Neuroharmony Brain Quotient scan is a scientific and data-driven assessment tool to examine and analyze different functions of your brain. Through a mere 30-minute brain scan to measure the electroencephalographic (EEG) activities of your brain, a real time 3-D brainwave diagram can be generated.

  1. After the data is analyzed by the Korea Research Institute of Jungshin Science, a Brain Quotient Report can be issued. The Report consists of 7 specific Analyses Quotients and an overall Brain Quotient Score.
  2. Our consultants will conduct a face-to-face consultation with the participants (or their parents – for children under 12) to interpret the findings of the report and advise on neurofeedback training program.
  3. Based on the data of brain quotient analysis, our professional team in Korea will design a tailor-made neurofeedback training program to fit the individual needs of each participant.
  4. Upon a comprehensive understanding of the participants’ brain functions, our professional trainers will facilitate the training program of each participants in our centers and continuously monitor individual’s training progress.
  5. Reviews of trainees’ improvement and/or in-depth case studies will be conducted by our Research and Professional Support team. Regular communications with our Korean Team will be maintained.
  6. For each phase of Neurofeedback Training, our consultants will conduct progress review with trainee(s) or their parents.

Comprehensive Brain Quotient Analysis Report (*with 1 free trial neurofeedback training session)

Brain Functions that can be reflected in a Brainwave Graph:

  • Brain energy/brain activity
  • Sleep quality
  • Relaxation ability
  • Attention ability
  • Concentration ability

Brain Quotient scan is an effective assessment tool for the differentiation of different types of learning difficulties such as attention problems and hyperactivity.


What’s included in a Brain Quotient Report:

  • Basic Rhythm Quotient
  • Self Regulation Quotient
  • Attention Quotient
  • Activity Quotient
  • Emotion Quotient
  • Stress Quotient
  • Correlation Quotient
  • Neurofeedback training plan
  • 3-D brainwave diagram

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