Bad Weather Arrangements

1) AMBER, RED rainstorm signal, and typhoon signal No. 3 or below – Appointment and training as usual (our center will open)

2a) BLACK rainstorm signal and typhoon signal No. 8 or above – Appointment and training will be cancelled (center will suspense all service/ will close)

2b) If the above bad weather is removed 4 hours before the end of the office hours, the center will operate 2 hours after the signal is removed.

(i) If the relevant signal is removed at 1:00pm and our center will be closed at 6:00pm, there are still 5 hours before closing, so our center will open as usual after 3:00pm.

(ii) If the relevant signal is removed at or after 2:00 pm, our center will close and the affected training will be re-arranged later.